A strong voice for those who might not be able to speak for themselves

M Is for Autism - The Student Of Limpsfield Grange School, The Students of Limp, Vicky Martin

This collaborative narrative from author Vicky Martin, illustrator Lunarez Visairas, and students from Limpsfield Grange School gives a voice to individuals facing the everyday challenges of life with autism. 


This book introduces us to "M," (a self-chosen moniker picked because, just as the letter M is stuck, squeezed in the middle of the alphabet, so she feels stuck, squeezed in the middle of a "tipsy-turvy, wobbly world") a 13 year old girl facing the everyday challenges of school, parents, boys...and autism. 


While this label brings comfort to those in her life, M realizes that knowing "what's wrong with her" doesn't make life any easier. With the help of an understanding counselor, M begins to accept that she is a strong individual, not a diagnosis.  She is encouraged to explore techniques that allow her to feel more control during the vicious, unpredictable moments in life.  


The pages are enhanced with colors, textures, and non-traditional print, giving readers a glimpse of how loud and distracting the world can be.  The first person narrative allows the reader to see M as she sees herself and the challenges and anxiety she faces each day.